SKY Electronics

SKY Electronics

Data to Display is the new normal, so make it not just visual but put it to use.

Edge Computing brings together every element from Data Scenarios to Display Screen. Allowing data to improve security and safety for efficient business decisions is important to protect, save and prevent any undesired outcomes.

Sky Analytics Engine is affordable as it integrates with your existing hardware on premise or hybrid to enable data usable in new ways that helps you quickly understand the context of various situations, enabling it for making informed decisions.

What do you want to Solve?

Sky Analytics Engine can protect your business during Covid-19 and beyond, as we all say metacognition is about thinking about thinking, knowing about knowing, becoming aware of one’s awareness, by having a conversation on what do you want to solve and start a journey that will lead to business outcomes. By working with our partners, we provide you with a robust engine of analytics.

By enabling the right technology for you, what is needed is a decision you can make with actionable data. Let us collaborate, partner and co-create a sustainable solution that can be deployed across all industries. Your Scenario, Data to Insights.

SKY Analytics Engine

Ready to use preloaded solution in the Milestone VMS with integrated SAIMOS Analytics Software that allows for faster deployment and scalability from a few local cameras to thousands spread across locations. Sky Analytics Engine is positioned at the edge, to avoid the latency associated with sending information back to a data center, security issues around transmitting data, and bandwidth limitations.