SKY Electronics

SAIMOS® C3 Core Perimeter for Milestone XProtect® effectively and reliably protects indoor and outdoor areas against unwanted intrusion.

The flexible rule system offers many possibilities to implement area monitoring efficiently for 2 zones and can be upgraded to advanced functionality.

Modern detection based on artificial intelligence ensures weather-independent 24 x 7 operation with standard IP, infrared, thermal imaging or embedded cameras.

The system is fully integrated into Milestone XProtect® Essential+ or higher via Plug-In and can be configured directly within the Milestone XProtect® Management Client.

rule definition allows an initial configuration within just a few minutes.

Area of Use
Area Security Securing outdoor areas by combining several rule sets
  • Detection of loitering and running persons for critical areas
  • Ensures that access to critical areas is not violated during certain hours
Perimeter Security Protects the perimeter from unwanted intruders
  • Sending alerts to a control center in case of an alarm
  • Definition of rules with direction restriction
  • Definition of pre-alarms for early detection of intruders
Indoor Security Creating complex scenarios for indoor systems
  • Connect third party alarms such as access control and fire safety
  • Control of the on/off state of channels with building security systems

Key Features
  • Intrusion
  • Loitering
  • Direction
  • Maximum allowed speed
  • Automatic camera detection
  • Two individually configurable alarm zones
  • Easy scene calibration based on body sizes directly in the live video view
  • li> Optimized for 24/7 real-time operation
Milestone Integration
  • Milestone XProtect® Essential+ or higher
Technical Requirements
  • Minimal pixel density: 12 pixel / meter
  • Windows / Linux | RAM: min. 4 GB | HDD: min. 5 GB | CPU: Intel i5/AMD/ARMv8