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Why digital solution from SKY Electronics

It's impossible to discuss digital solutions without talking about the results, we encourage businesses not to be blinded by all the screens or displays with content softwares. 

You want results, so do not decide only based on price points or brand names, there are other metrics to consider before planning your investments. For example, a business looking to deploy a corporate communication signage solution might measure the overall improvement in communication with employees. A great start would be to achieve results with focus on defined objectives.

Digital signage might seem simple at first, but there are several integration complexities such as the hardware, software, installation and content. System integration with backend or legacy systems can be particularly challenging due to a large amount of compatibility issues. There are a wide range of brand names offering competitive products in the digital signage space, so they have little incentive to make sure their products work well together. With all these complexities to overcome and choose, you need to keep in mind that digital signage is a business decision at the end of the day.

There are multiple barriers to entry in the digital signage world. For one, many companies lack the technical understanding, or they may reach "paralysis by analysis." When managers over analyze a deployment, they might become afraid and fail to make a decision. However, there are a few key steps to follow to start discovering results for digital signage.

First, you firmly establish your objective in a way that is measureable and specific. In some cases, you might be looking for a ROO-return on objective vs a ROI-return on investment. We strongly recommend one, three and five year plans for digital signage deployments.

Next, you need to determine what you are going to measure. Once you establish and achieve your initial objective for your measurements, its much easier to establish your final ROO & ROI.

Another factor to consider is the total cost of ownership. It goes beyond the immediate costs of purchasing the hardware or software. Businesses also need to consider other expenses such as training, the time needed to implement the solution, content management services with repurposing and software architecture. Other factors to consider include recurring expenses such as maintenance or software, storage, security and hardware upgrades on an ongoing basis.

It is imperative that companies carefully examine the costs of not deploying digital signage and compare it to the total cost of ownership. One cost of not deploying digital signage might be falling behind your competition or failing to engage distracted audience.

At SKY Electronic, we do not treat supplier as vendors or customer as buyers, but rather everyone as our partners. Partnership & Collaboration keeps the deployment process focused as common goal is execution with results.  

SKY Electronics is a digital solution, specifically tailored to suit your needs. We match your objectives and engage with target audience from offline to online or online to offline and during their dwell time onsite to progress digital footprint, engage better and interact to create experiences.

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